Being Cautious with Food Allergies in Children: The Different Food Allergy Triggers

Allergies in children are harder to detect than that of adults. Other than routine tests done at hospitals, it is difficult to get younger kids tell you about their allergies, especially if they haven’t started talking. If you are in Australia, like Smithfield and Cairns, for instance, visiting any Smithfield doctors will help you determine the type of allergy your kids may be suffering from. Once you know the common food allergies among children, you will be more conscious of what you feed them.  smithfield doctors Below are top food allergies among children. The next time you give these foods to your kids, watch out for any allergic reactions and immediately consult your trusted Smithfield family medical centre for the appropriate intervention. 1. Peanut Allergy – This is a common allergy among children and is usually life-long once acquired. Although there are studies that show how kids will outgrow their peanut allergies, it is still important to exercise caution when giving them peanuts. All peanut products must be avoided as well as anything with traces of peanut ingredients in it. Make it a habit to always read food labels before giving them to your kids. If you are in Cairns, you can visit any Cairns central doctors for other food products that you can substitute with peanuts so your kids will not miss out on essential nutrients. 2. Milk Allergy – When your kids have a milk allergy, make sure to avoid all milk and dairy products, including lactose-free versions of milk products. Be sure to watch out for anything that contains traces of milk ingredients as these may cause allergic reactions. If your kids love pancakes but the recipe requires milk, you can look for a milk substitute so they can still have their favorite pancakes without having to deal with allergies. You can also ask any Smithfield doctors for a milk substitute that is safe for your kids suffering from milk allergies. 3. Egg Allergy – This is the second most common allergy in infants and young children. Take note that it is the egg white that is responsible for allergic reactions. If your kids are allergic to eggs, you must avoid anything containing traces of egg ingredients. Be sure to read the entire label before giving them anything. An egg is sometimes added to artificial food coloring, baked goods, and pasta, among other things. If you are worried about not being able to bake anything because of egg allergies, you can easily search online for tons of egg-free recipes. You can still give your kids their treats without having to worry about any allergic reactions. 4. Soy Allergy – This is another common allergy among children. Usually, if your kids have a soy allergy, the information will appear on the initial newborn screening. However, some allergies are undetected until kids reach a certain age. Make sure to talk to your trusted allergy doctor Smithfield has today to help you determine if your kids are allergic to any soy products. If your kids are allergic to soy, they may not have adequate protein, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, calcium, zinc and Vitamin B6. What you can do is to look for other sources of these nutrients from other products. The above a just a few food allergies common among kids. Having your kids tested for allergens is still the safest course so as to prevent further complications. One complication of a severe allergic reaction is anaphylaxis. Qualified Smithfield doctors will help you determine symptoms of anaphylaxis that you should watch out for.