4 Tricks to Involve Your Employees in Office Waste Management

Feeling frustrated because some of your staff still keep on throwing recyclables in your office bin that is supposed to be for landfill waste? As tempting as it may be to install a CCTV near your bins so you can catch the ‘culprits’, try these friendlier solutions first.

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1. Increase Their Awareness

Remember that despite the many green campaigns that exist today, not everyone in the whole world knows about the effects of improper waste management. Or perhaps they just need to be reminded about the impact.

Conduct an information drive for staff. You can meet each department for a few hours each week to discuss your topics. These can include what type of waste should be thrown in a particular office bin, what happens to the garbage in landfills, ways to reuse, reduce, and recycle as a business, and other environmental concerns.

It could be helpful if you also include company benefits, such as increased savings, improving corporate responsibility and image, and attracting more customers (who doesn’t love eco-friendly businesses?). This way, your team members will hopefully realise that your waste management programme is helping not just the environment, but your business as a whole as well.

2. Imbibe the 3 Rs Culture

If staff see that your office culture strongly values reusing, reducing, and recycling, they can slowly adapt and imbibe these into their work and daily activities.

Purchase ecologically responsible products, such as compostable bin liners, recycled hand towels, organic coffee, and so on. Request suppliers to minimise their packaging, and do the same for your own products.

Make it a rule to print on both sides of the paper. Provide reusable coffee mugs for your team members’ caffeine runs to the nearby café. Post colour-coded waste bins with clear labelling in designated spots. You can even give each person a desk-top bin so they are responsible for their own waste.

3. Create an Incentive Programme

Rewards can be a big thing for some employees and may be just what you need to encourage everyone to be more involved and disciplined. Have a contest between departments about who can save the most resources in a month. Place a compost caddy in your pantry and use the collected food waste for your company vegetable garden. And when it is time to harvest, have a salad and barbecue party at the office. Or give a reward to the person who provides the best waste management idea.

Be creative in coming up with plans for your incentive programme. But stick to the goal of getting everyone more involved.

4. Use Eye-Friendly Bins

Sometimes, the problem is you just don’t have the proper or enough garbage containers in your office. And if the ones you do have aren’t properly labelled or colour coded either, then waste will naturally end up mixed in just any repository.

Supply your business premises with enough wheelie and cardboard bins for different types of wastes. Look for those that have the correct colours for segregation, as well as clear labels for easier identification. You can even find wheelie bins with illustrations of the type of garbage that should be placed inside. For environmentally responsible office bin solutions, get in touch with Ecobin. See more at https://www.ecobin.com.au/